Your Rescue Tool Just Broke in Action. Now What?

Extraction tools are essential for rescue and extraction operations, but these tools have limitations, just like all machinery. Staying ahead of tool inspection and ensuring it is ready for use before an emergency is a best-suited practice for long-term use and failure prevention. Although these tools are durable industrial-grade products designed to cut through over 14,000 pounds of material or more, they reach limitations after excessive use. 

Without proper maintenance, evaluation, and repairs, the wear-and-tear placed on these models pose a more significant threat to firefighters, making injury more likely if the rescue tool malfunctions. If your rescue tool breaks while in action or on the job, here are some tips on the next step to take brought to you by Jon’s Mid-America Fire Apparatus

Determine How Soon You Can Get A Replacement

As a start, stay calm and do not panic. The team at Jon’s Mid-America understands the stress and overwhelming emotions associated with an emergency, and the last thing you want is a broken rescue tool during a severe scenario. 

Assessing the damage is the first course of action to take if your rescue tool breaks during use. Some devices require simple part replacements like an adapter or cord for a hydraulic breaker. Determine how well you can still get the job done without that specific component while you wait for a replacement or servicing. It is critical to continually inspect and utilize powerful machinery like the jaws of life before an emergency to guarantee its proper use and function while on the job. 

Call in for Servicing or Repairs

If a rescue tool breaks while in use, report the repair right away. Taking care of a repair problem as soon as possible will save the device and, most importantly, save a life down the line. At Jon’s Mid-America, we are a certified dealer of TNT rescue tools specializing in the retail of new and used parts and repair servicing. We offer a diverse selection of hydraulic tools with lifetime warranties. 

If your tool breaks while in action, we are here to help. Depending on the damage and location, we provide a mobile repair service at your station in addition to repair parts. We help keep your rescue tools functioning at total capacity. 

Stay up to Date on Your Hand Tool Skills 

As a firefighter, it is essential to expect the unexpected in all aspects of fire rescue and the simple extraction tools we use. You never know when your hydraulic device will malfunction, rendering you incapable of completing a task. Learning how to operate hand tools in substituting a hydraulic tool could mean life or death in an emergency. 

Staying in shape and up-to-date on using these tools will help prevent personal injury and act as a resourceful alternative if your hydraulic rescue tool breaks in the action. Useful firefighting hand tools include:

  • Wrenches 
  • Bolt Cutters
  • Pike Poles
  • Sledge Hammers
  • Jacks 
  • Shovels

Contact Jon’s Mid-America For Reliable Rescue Tools 

If your rescue tool needs servicing or replacing, contact Jon’s Mid-America Fire Apparatus to supply your industrial rescue tool needs. We are a reliable and certified dealer guaranteed to equip you with top-quality brands and fire apparatuses. Contact Jon’s Mid-America Fire Apparatus today for more information.

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