Summer Maintenance Tips For Firetruck Operators

Maintaining your fire truck is not an easy task. Fire trucks require frequent inspection and upkeep, preparing firefighters to move during an emergency quickly. During the peak summer seasons, the heat can affect your fire truck system, affecting its efficiency and mobility. In today’s blog by Jon’s Mid-America, we delve into the top firetruck summer maintenance tips to keep your apparatus durable and fully proficient. 

Lightly Pack Your Truck 

Overloading your truck puts pressure on your engine system to work harder and compensate for the added weight. Heavily packed trucks are more prone to overheating than the latter and require regular checkups in the summer. An overloaded truck plus the extremities of the heat is a recipe for disaster.

 Jon’s MId-America recommends paying attention to the gross weight of your vehicle and staying within those parameters for safety and prolonging the life of your firetruck. 

Set Up a Summer Maintenance and Inspection Program

Seasonal inspection of all fire parts is essential to a high-performing fire truck and safe mobility. Establishing a fire truck maintenance and inspection program acts as a checkpoint to ensure all details are correctly up-to-date and maximized for efficiency. Inspect significant areas of your first truck-like coolant, belts, hoses, and fluids before an emergency. If you suspect any issues with your truck that require immediate repairs, Jon’s Mid-America is a full-service company equipped to handle your truck maintenance needs. 

Pay Attention to All Gauges and Warning Icons

Gauges measure the heat level and danger zones of your firetruck system. Icons indicate issues that require immediate attention before reaching total damage. Ignoring an icon or waiting for a long time to inspect the problem may cause irreversible damage or a complete truck replacement. 

Fire trucks are only as reliable as you; pay attention to the warning signs or go through a checklist of essential parts and areas to stay ahead of any problems. Areas like engine oil and temperature are primary markers for inspection during the hot summer months. 

Check Your Fire Truck’s Cooling System 

Coolant protects vehicles from overheating and lubricates additional parts that come in contact. Without coolant, your engine would blow in a matter of hours due to the high intensity of the heat and the truck’s weight. If you notice your engine oil or coolant below a particular line or percentage, do not ignore the signs; fill it up and examine it closely to ensure the fluid levels are stable. Jon’s Mid-America offers engine and coolant inspection services for your fire truck apparatus. 

Double Check Your Fire Truck’s Brakes

Although the engine and brakes are two different systems, one directly influences the other. Brake malfunctions also cause your fire truck to overheat. Brakes are typically overlooked as the source of overheating issues, making them a significant part of regular maintenance and checkups.

Trust Jon’s Mid-America For Your Firetruck Needs 

Jon’s Mid-America is a trusted fire apparatus selling service that supplies all your firefighting needs, from buying a used truck to inspection, part replacement, and daily repairs. If you have questions about the performance of your apparatus or plan to schedule preventive maintenance, contact Jon’s Mid-America Fire Apparatus today for more information.

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