Jon’s Mid-America Fire Apparatus: Your Regional Fire Truck Finder & Sales Specialty Company

Jon’s Mid-America has been in business and building our name since 1974.

Our market is so niche that we have capped the region as the top provider of maintenance for fire truck apparatus, power tools, and fire truck sales. 

We began by word of mouth, and quickly became known as “The Fire Truck People” and the name has stuck with us since. 

We provide quality services that can be counted on by rescue personnel. Our licenses for handling power tools for EMTs and firefighters, as well as our attention to detail has allowed us to secure the loyalty of nearly everyone in the market!

What We Offer

Our locations have both a virtual shop, as well as a physical one. We provide jobs for service technicians to maintain fire trucks, help replace parts, and to buy and sell both new and used fire trucks. 

Have you heard of the ‘Jaws of Life’? We sell those along with other power tools operated by emergency professionals! Not only do we sell them, but we also maintain them if need be. We have a full-service replacement and repair shop in our business. 


We’re always looking to expand our team and expertise. If you’re interested in applying for a position with our team we’d love to hear from you. 

Jon’s Mid-America Fire Apparatus Cares For Your Safety

We’ve been securing the fire and first response market since the early 1970’s, and we’re not looking to release that anytime soon. If you’re interested in partnering with us for equipment purchasing or sales, we’d be happy to make contact with you. Contact Jon’s Mid-America Fire Apparatus today for more questions on preventative maintenance or a price quote for your used fire truck.

Two hydraulic rescue tools, shears and a spreader, on the ground