Fire Apparatus Equipment: What to Look For When Sourcing

Having the right tools on hand in an emergency can mean the difference between life and death for fire departments. This is why firefighters and fire personnel put a great deal of time and energy into sourcing proper equipment for their fire apparatus. 

But technology is constantly evolving, along with the needs of diverse communities, so firefighters need to take a few things into account each time they make a new purchase. In today’s blog post, Jon’s Mid-America Fire Apparatus discusses what fire departments should look for when purchasing new equipment. 


The National Fire Protection Association outlines the requirements for new fire apparatus to be used under emergencies in their NFPA 1901 document.

Fire equipment manufacturers should provide you with all the specs regarding each piece of equipment, and it’s essential to review these to ensure compliance. 

Community Needs

When purchasing new equipment for fire apparatus, fire personnel should consider the emergency needs of their region. Fire stations in urban areas will need plenty of top-quality equipment for vehicle accidents. A coastal region may need water rescue equipment. 

Fire stations have limits and guidelines for what emergencies they respond to, so equipment should strongly reflect the specific community’s highest needs. 


Firefighters need to ensure new equipment is compatible with their unique fire apparatus. Equipment such as hose fittings, electrical plugs, and outlets need to be accounted for. 

Fire apparatus have increased in size over the years, and your fire truck’s make, model, and year need to be considered before purchasing new equipment. 

Staff Training

The evolution of technology has been incredible–countless more lives are saved each year as equipment improves. But if fire stations plan to purchase cutting-edge equipment for their rig, they’ll need to consider whether or not training will be necessary for personnel. 

While top-of-the-line equipment is ideal, fire stations need to decide if they can allow time and resources to train their firefighters on any brand-new equipment. 

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