Should You Update Your Fire Apparatus Warning Lights?

Firefighting requires tenacity, know-how and the right tools to help others to safety, but you can’t help unless you can alert traffic that you need to pass. Car cabs are becoming more soundproof, making it difficult for drivers to hear your horns and sirens as you approach. Fire truck drivers need the best lighting possible to navigate through and stop traffic.

There are several variables to consider when updating your current lighting. The size and function of your vehicle makes a difference in the type of illumination the apparatus will need. Keeping your lights up to date will help your crew and other drivers to be safe and aware.

Colors and Light Patterns

Studies have revealed that colors and lighting patterns grab drivers’ attention and help them to be alert in emergency situations. Blue lighting on emergency vehicles has higher visibility during the night, and red is more visible during the day. Before deciding what colors to use, it is essential to know your state’s codes and laws on lighting color for emergency vehicles. If you can use a combination of red, white, blue and amber lights, you have a better chance of catching the eye of traffic, making it easier to pass in all conditions.

Lighting patterns help make your fire apparatus more conspicuous, giving drivers a heads-up as you head towards the site of an accident or fire. While rotating beacons used to be the golden standard of emergency lighting, research shows that randomized, “dancing” patterns are more effective than side-to-side alternation. You can program most LEDs to use a varied flash pattern, making it easier for commuters to know where you are, and that you need to get around them.

Type of Lights

Light-emitting diodes are the best kind of lights you can use right now. Their versatility, low power consumption and high output make them ideal for your apparatus. LEDs are the standard for emergency vehicles and can last longer than halogen bulbs or xenon strobes. They are also cheaper than ever and are easy to install due to their compact and light-weight design. If there are any vehicles left in your fleet that aren’t using LEDs, consider investing in brighter, more efficient lighting.

Lighting Setup

Whenever it comes to installing your warning lights, look at a variety of setups. The type of apparatus will make a difference in your lighting system needs. Lighting companies are combining work and warning lights, saving space on your truck. You can add configurations to your grille or bumpers. Most updated warning lights don’t require any motorization, making them thinner and less likely to hit debris.

Whether you decide to update your fire apparatus warning lights or not, always make sure to inspect your trucks and their lighting systems regularly. A dimly lit truck is not as effective as one that is conspicuous and can divert traffic. If you have any questions about the status of your apparatus or if you want to outfit your truck with better lights, contact Jon’s Mid America to see what they can do for you today.

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