When Should I Start My Firetruck Winterizing Process?

The snow is falling, and the time has to come to ensure your fire truck is adequately maintained and inspected for the long winter ahead. Winterizing your fire truck is a series of steps and processes to protect your fire truck against chilling negative temperatures that will impact the operational level of your fire truck and apparatuses. 

To lower the risk of freezing temperatures damaging your fire truck, in today’s blog, Jon’s Mid-America will go over when to start winterizing your truck and the most effective measures to do so. 

Prepare Your Fire Truck For Winter Operations

Preparing your fire truck ahead of time for high inches of snow is essential during an emergency. Fire trucks carry and pump large amounts of water from external sources, making it significant to drain these pump valves after use. Proper draining techniques prevent temperatures from freezing the water or causing the pump to malfunction. Additional ways to prepare your truck for the winter include:

  • Adding snow chains when necessary to your truck’s tires. Many trucks come equipped with self-deployed chains during the winter but become ineffective in snow depths over 4 inches. 
  • Ensuring all chassis’ are lubricated and ready for mobility.
  • Engine antifreeze is filled and inspected for shelf life.
  • Emergency equipment is stored at the correct temperatures. Check emergency medical equipment for the optimal storing temperature.
  • Supply your truck with an antifreeze agent 

Jon’s Mid-America provides truck repair and fire truck maintenance for complete repairs or replacement parts. If your fire truck pump or alternative device malfunctions, get in touch with our full-service shop right away for a quick response. 

Prepare Your Team to Withstand Conditions 

Firefighting in the winter is a unique process that requires intense mental and physical aptitudes. If the team is not adequately trained on operating the fire truck during the winter or techniques to withstand the cold, the entire system falls apart. Implement emergency protocols for mild, moderate, and severe snowfall. 

Determine how well your fire apparatus functions in cold weather and ways to combat and avoid these obstacles from occurring. Winterize your truck and team to the same degree for efficient and rapid emergency response. 

Environmental awareness

Ice-melting instruments like rock salt are handy during emergencies as quick melting agents to minimize tire or fire apparatus frost. Although these agents work rapidly during an emergency, removing residues like salt or any other combative component is always essential to prevent erosion and corrosive effects on your fire truck. At Jon’s Mid-America, we offer new and used inventory for prolonged wear-and-tear for both fire trucks and the surrounding apparatuses.  

Fire Truck Maintenance Tips By Jon’s Mid-America 

At Jon’s Mid-America, we understand that nothing lasts forever, especially emergency response vehicles; this is where our team comes in to maintain and or repair your firefighting resources. We have technicians and fire truck specialists at your service for any questions or concerns you may have on repairs, replacement parts, or ways to handle your equipment correctly. 

Our inventory ranges from pumps, aerials, ladders, tankers, and more. Are you looking to sell your truck? We are a full-service retail provider, guaranteed to buy your vehicle for a fair market price. Contact Jon’s Mid-America Fire Apparatus today for more questions on preventative maintenance or a price quote for your used fire truck. 

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