What is an Industrial Fire Apparatus?

There are many different types of fire trucks, and they all have their place. The type of fire apparatus that will best benefit your fire department depends on your location as well as the types of fires you will be dealing with. If you know that you’ll be confronted with more than your standard home or building fire, an industrial fire truck may be the right choice.

At Jon’s Mid-America, we sell both new and used industrial fire trucks.

What is an Industrial Fire Apparatus?

A basic fire engine typically has a water tank, a pump, and enough hose to put out local fires. Typically, this is what is needed in small towns or places that don’t see much else besides structural fires or brush fires.

An industrial fire apparatus is more heavy-duty, has a larger engine, and is equipped to handle multiple types of fires, including dangerous chemical fires.

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Features of An Industrial Fire Apparatus

Industrial fire apparatus are usually larger, have powerful engines, more features, and more room for storage. A common feature is that they have both a high-power water pump system and a foam suppression system.

Foam is used to cool fires and help reduce the amount of water needed to put it out. There are two types of foam used for fighting fires: Class A and Class B. 

Class A Foam

Class A foams are used in putting out fires that are wood or paper-based or are burning on brush. You usually see it used on building or structural fires to help put the fire out quickly, or on wildfires that can cover a large forest area. Class A foam can also be useful in making a barricade that can help contain a wildfire and keep it from spreading.

Class B Foam

Class B foams are used in chemical or fuel fires where water may not be effective. This kind of foam creates a barrier on top of the liquid or chemical that essentially cools and smothers the fire. It may be necessary to have Class B foam around areas with a lot of industrial buildings, chemical plants, or places that can have fuel fires like airports.

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Jon’s Mid-America Sells New and Used Fire Trucks

If you are looking for an industrial fire apparatus, we can help. We sell both new and used fire trucks and have a full-service repair shop for your fire apparatus. Contact Jon’s Mid-America Fire Apparatus today for more information.

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