Stay Safe With These Fire Apparatus Tool Mounting Tips

When it comes to rescues and fighting fires, tools are one of the most important items you have at your disposal. As your fire department starts to take on more and more responsibility, you’ll be required to take extra tools to accomplish the tasks that are needed for these additional responsibilities. In order to operate efficiently, it’s vital that you store and mount your tools in a manner that each firefighter knows and understands.

Find out more about what you’ll need to mount your tools properly.

What can I use to mount my tools?

When you store or mount your tools, you can choose between several different pieces of equipment. Some of these include:

  • Clips
  • Brackets
  • Clamps
  • Straps
  • Mounts
  • Wrench holders

There are different benefits of each type of mounting equipment. For instance, brackets may be great for tools that are heavy and expensive, while tool trays and boards may be great for smaller tools that you want to have visible at all times. Consult with other departments to ask what they use to store their equipment — they may have some great insight that you hadn’t considered before.

How can I best store my tools?

Follow these tips to ensure your department is storing your tools properly:

  • Store tools safely. When your tools are not properly stored, there’s a chance that one sharp turn could send a fire extinguisher or an axe flying. Not only could this damage your equipment, it could seriously harm one of your firefighters on board. Take some time to check that all of your equipment is fully secured, and correct any issues you find.
  • Store tools within NFPA regulations. Per NFPA 1901, any tools that are not required to be used during an emergency (except SCBA units) cannot be mounted in a driving or crew area unless they are stored properly. For their requirements, this means an enclosed and latched compartment that can withstand 9g of force. If you fail to follow these requirements, you could have a serious violation on your hands. As you store and mount your tools, pay close attention to these regulations and ensure you follow all guidelines.
  • Store tools in an organized manner. No one works efficiently when they have to dig through the entire apparatus to find a single tool. A lack of organization can be a safety hazard too — the more time you spend hunting for a rescue tool, the longer it will take you to reach a victim who needs your help. When you know where all of your tools are, you won’t be wasting time during critical moments. Clearly label your tools and keep a guide of where items are located to minimize issues with finding equipment.

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