Critical Maintenance Steps for Hydraulic Rescue Tools

Just as you maintain the engine, tires, and other elements of your fire apparatus, your hydraulic rescue tools also require regular maintenance to ensure their best performance and your team’s safety.

Rescue tools like cutters, spreaders, and rams use engines, pistons, and lubrication systems. When these parts are subjected to rain, dirt, and overuse, they may degrade and fail.

We’ve written about the importance of safety with hydraulic rescue tools before, and today, we will discuss important maintenance tips for your machinery.

Hydraulic Cutter Maintenance

Common Problems:

  • Blades won’t open or close
  • Blades won’t cut cleanly

Poor blade function is typically caused by contamination with dust or debris, heavy use without regular maintenance, or the age of your tool.

Common fixes that your team can complete themselves, if they have been trained on the tools, include adding lubrication, replacing oil, and removing burrs from the blades.

For more intensive fixes, contact your dealer and decommission the tool immediately to keep your team safe.

Hydraulic Spreader Maintenance

Common Problems:

  • Unusual noises while operating
  • Moves slower than normal
  • Produces abnormal amount of heat while operating 

These problems may be caused by air or water in the system resulting in poor heat dissipation, discolorations in your oil, or erratic movements. If you notice signs of contamination in your hydraulic spreader, consult the manual to troubleshoot common issues or seek the help of a trained and certified technician.

Hydraulic Ram Maintenance

Common Problems:

  • Dents or chips in the piston
  • Unusual noises while operating
  • Loose dust caps
  • Slow deployment of piston

Problems like these may be caused by heavy use without regular inspection and maintenance, working in adverse conditions, or age. Left unmanaged, these problems will cause your hydraulic ram’s performance to degrade.

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