The Benefits of Buying A New Fire Truck

In a perfect world, fire apparatus would last forever and we’d never have to worry about finding something new. Unfortunately, we’re not quite there yet. 15-20 years ago, you may have been able to get 30 years out of an apparatus. Now, you’re lucky to have one that runs for 15-20 years and continues to work. Once that old apparatus finally runs out of steam, what can you do?

Your department’s next step will be to get a new (or new-to-you) fire apparatus. When choosing what to purchase, you’ll have to sit down and make some hard decisions. Can you afford to get an apparatus that’ll last you another 20 years, or do you need something that may only last ten years? Of course, there are more factors that go into a purchase, like your departmental needs, safety standards and age of your other apparatus. As you decide, your choice ultimately boils down to two options: would a new or used apparatus be better?

Discover more about the benefits of new apparatus and how it could aid your department.

Benefits of new apparatus

New fire apparatus are chosen by departments who prioritize some of these needs:

  • A totally new apparatus. Used apparatus are just that — used. This means you’re at the mercy of how well the department before you ran the apparatus. If you want an apparatus to be yours first, then you’ll have to get a new fire apparatus.
  • Get all of the bells and whistles you want. If you want an apparatus with all of the latest technology and newest features, a new apparatus should be your choice. Keep in mind that this will come with a higher price tag, though this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Though you may pay more upfront, a good investment will prevent you from needing another apparatus in a few years.  
  • Raise ISO rating. Your Insurance Service Office (ISO) rating is a number that is given to you based off several factors, determining the fire safety of your city. This number is evaluated through metrics like training, water supply and age and condition of your apparatus. Therefore, buying a new apparatus that helps to reduce risk in your community can raise your score. It can serve as an added benefit to your citizens, as having a higher ISO rating can help property owners save on their insurance.

How to find a new apparatus

If your department opts to purchase a new fire apparatus, there are several steps they will need to take before choosing a truck:

  • Establish requirements. Some departments will create a 5 and 10 year plan for apparatus purchasing, estimating the amount of time that each apparatus will last. If this isn’t something that you have, consider creating one. This will help you to accurately estimate the kind of apparatus you’ll need and when you’ll need it.
  • Evaluate needs and wants. Take some time to sit down with all relevant parties and think about what your department needs right now. Even if a feature isn’t needed right now, will it be needed in the future? For instance, is your city in the process of building more high rises or is there going to be sprawl? Once you’ve established your needs, you can begin to add on extra features that you may want.
  • Pick a date. If you need something that is immediately ready for service, you won’t be able to spend time making alterations to get it ready for the road. If this is the case, you may choose to get a new apparatus that has all of the bells and whistles ready to go.


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