The Benefits of Choosing a Multiplexed Fire Apparatus

When considering a new fire apparatus, you may be choosing between one that is hardwired or multiplexed. Though you may be used to hardwired fire apparatus, it’s worth considering a change. Curious about the benefits of switching over to this style of fire apparatus? We’ve compiled some of the advantages of moving to a multiplexed unit.

What is multiplexing?

It may be that the only fire apparatus you’ve ever had are hardwired units. Multiplexing means that there are multiple signals going over a single cable or network, meaning that the flow of information is continuous. This means that there can be several channels of information being sent along a single wire.

What are the benefits?

  • Fewer wires. Multiplexing works by transferring more information along fewer wires, making it so that you have less to deal with when your system acts up. Instead of spending time learning an entire wiring system every time an electrical error happens, you can clearly understand what’s going on with your wiring unit. As an added bonus, fewer wires means a weight reduction on your fire apparatus.
  • Versatility. If you want to easily change the functionality of your switches, it’s possible with a multiplexed fire apparatus. Switches are able to be programmed to whatever your department needs and can be changed at any time.
  • Less downtime. Since multiplexed components last longer and have fewer connections that may disrupt, this means less of a chance that you will experience electrical problems in your apparatus. Less downtime means more time you can spend on the job!

How do I take care of my multiplexed unit?

Once you have your multiplexed fire apparatus, how do you ensure that it will last? With some proper care, your multiplexed unit can last for years to come.

  • First, consider how the electrical system was installed. Was it installed properly and is it designed in a way that is easy to understand? Make sure that your system has been tested and is rugged enough to handle the extreme conditions that a fire apparatus encounters.
  • Second, ensure that there is proper servicing of your electrical system. Preventing the errors before they happen means your system will not only last longer, it will malfunction far less often. If needed, seek support from your vehicle or electrical systems technician to take care of your system.

By following some basic rules for care, a multiplexed fire apparatus can be a fantastic investment for your department.

Are you looking for a multiplexed unit for your next fire apparatus? Contact us at Jon’s Mid America and we can help you choose the apparatus that’s perfect for you.