VP of New Apparatus

Jeff Kahler joined the fire truck sales staff at Jon’s Mid America in January of 2014 as the V.P. of New Apparatus Sales.  In his words, “After living in California for more than a decade, we were blessed to have Jim give us the opportunity to move back to the United States.”

Jeff began his career as an apparatus designer in 1978 and in the following decades expanded his abilities in fire apparatus design, engineering, manufacturing, fire truck sales and business management. Having worked exclusively in the emergency vehicle industry for over 30 years, Jeff has a level of knowledge that few people in the industry possess.  Using his experience to influence the advancement of firefighter safety and apparatus function is always his foremost mission.  Having held upper-level management positions makes budget consciousness come naturally.

In addition to his extensive background, Jeff is always pleased to offer an open mind to address the needs of each customer.  He knows every customer has their own unique requirements and only by asking in-depth questions can a supplier truly be of service.   With the value-driven KME product line, Jeff provides you with the ability to purchase high-quality, reliable new fire trucks at a cost that is fiscally responsible.