What’s the Right Air Primer for Your Fire Pumps?


An air primer might not sound like the most exciting piece of firefighting equipment, but having the right primer during an emergency call can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Straight Ladder vs. Aerial Platform: Which is Right for Your Department?


When choosing between a straight ladder and a platform for your next fire apparatus, you may have a lot of questions. Which is safer? Which is cheaper? And what are the regulations that guide which you can choose? Let’s take a look at how to choose between a straight ladder and a platform when considering […]

Emergency Vehicle Lights: Should You Choose Strobe, Halogen, or LED?


Deciding which lights are best for your emergency vehicle may be something you haven’t ever considered before. You know that your lighting should be visible, bright, and durable, but which kind of lighting does that best? Don’t worry- we’ll go over the pros and cons for the most popular forms of lighting your for emergency […]

Rescue Pumper vs. Pumper: Should You Go with a Multipurpose Fire Apparatus?


In today’s fiscal climate of tight municipal budgets, there is often less money for new fire apparatus. This trend has led many fire departments to turn to multifunctional fire trucks, as opposed to traditional specialty rescue and fire apparatus, in an attempt to cut costs. For example, a quality rescue pumper generally provides all of […]

Tips for Evaluating Fire Fighting Foam Systems


Having the right foam systems for your fire apparatus is essential to your department’s ability to do its job in protecting your community. Whether you’re upgrading an existing apparatus, or deciding on specifications for a new fire truck, there are different criteria you must consider in evaluating the pros and cons of different foam systems […]

Is Air Conditioning Equipment Part of Your Fire Apparatus Maintenance Plan?


You may already understand the importance of conducting regular fire truck maintenance. But have you remembered to check the air conditioning system? Don’t wait until the dog days of summer to find out if the air conditioning works! Early spring is a great time of year to have your fire apparatus air conditioner inspected and complete […]

The Importance of Annual Fire Apparatus Pump Testing


When is the last time your department ran a fire pump test on your apparatus? Did you know it should be done at least once per year? Amazingly, many fire departments have never tested their fire pumps and many firefighters have never operated or witnessed a fire pump performance test. This is one mistake that […]

Why Buy Used Fire Apparatus?

Red Fire-Rescue Engine

As you review your department’s current fleet of apparatus, perhaps as you’re preparing your budget for the upcoming fiscal year, you identify one or more fire trucks that need replacing. Buying a new apparatus is likely the first option that comes to mind. But did you know there are many advantages to considering a quality […]